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January 13, 2005 Statement on United Hospital


January 13, 2005

The Village of Rye Brook is very concerned about the ramifications to Rye Brook residents as a result of the anticipated closing of New York United Hospital Medical Center. This closing will have a significant impact on many of our local residents, especially our seniors, many of whom have come to rely on this community hospital. The closing will also have an impact on our local emergency service providers, including the ambulance corps, police departments and fire departments.

Since learning of the planned closing of the hospital, Village officials have discussed the situation with Port Chester officials and emergency service administrators. Additional discussions were also held with other area hospitals to make sure that essential medical and health care services will be adequately provided to Rye Brook residents.

Rye Brook, Port Chester and Rye City officials are also working closely with our ambulance corps administrator, who is actively developing expanded relationships with other area ambulance corps and both Greenwich and White Plains hospitals to ensure emergency coverage for the residents of the three municipalities they serve.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, continue to meet and have discussions with other area health care facilities, and work with our emergency personnel to institute programs that guarantee that Rye Brook residents are provided the protection and service they need.

We will keep residents informed of further developments as they occur.

As a matter of public record, Mayor Rand also serves as a Trustee of the hospital. He has advised the Village that while he did not participate in the vote of December 15, 2004 to file the bankruptcy petition, he is supportive of the hospital board’s decision.

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