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Village of Rye Brook

Advisory Council on Environmental Conservation


Minutes of November 14, 2006 Meeting


Special meeting held.  Meeting commencing at  8:02  pm. Present Harvey M. Schiller, Chair, presiding. Present were Council members: Joel M Simon, Kenneth Heller, Margaret Veith-Heib and Suzan Porto. Absent: Stephen Lurie.                              
Representing the Village was the Assistant Village Engineer, Michael Novak.
Also present were Mr. and Mrs Walter Janeczko and Mr. Keilman, for a hearing on their Appeal.
Susan Porto was appointed Meeting Secretary.
The minutes of the October 14/06 meeting were approved.
Purpose of the Meeting: To hear an Appeal of a " Denial of a Permit for Tree Removal" on the residence of Walter Janeczko, 35 Argyle Rd.  Request is for removal of a 60 ft. Red Oak tree. Reason for removal request: Past experience: (7/19/06) with dangerous breaking off of a large branch and constant fear of future  damage of lives and property. The request was denied by
the 2 Village Engineers as "No visible signs of disease, decay or distress, Canopy is green and full. Tree is well maintained and trimming by a Certified Arborist is Recommended."
The Appeal for Approval of the removal of tree was presented, discussed and a motion was made, second and voted upon. The vote was unanimous, all Council members voted to DENY the Appeal
The second Appeal for removal of a 30  ft White Pine tree from the Residence of Mr. Keilman, 17 Berkley Lane. The reason for the Denial is based on solely on the Village Code prohibiting permits for White Pine Trees.
Discussion indicated that this was a healthy tree and that its removal would adversely effect the drainage of the area. Alternative suggestions were made. It was also suggested that the residents be educated in the need for proper tree maintenance. A motion was made, second and voted on. Voting was as follows: Heller- Denied (with the provision that applicant do planting for future), Veit-Heib - Denied, Porto- Denied, Schiller- Denied, Simon- Granted with an explaination. The majority vote was to DENY the Appeal.
It was suggested that the Council should try to educate the Community on the importance of proper Tree Maintenance, possibly via Public Channel of Rye Brook.
The next scheduled meeting is Nov. 21/06 at which time the new Tree Code will be ready for consideration. The meeting was adjourned at 9:10  pm.
Submitted by
Suzan Porto, Meeting Secretary
Approved by
Harvey M. Schiller,Chair                                                                                                                                                     Advisory Council on Environmental Conservation

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