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July 20, 2019
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Release Date: July 16, 2010

NEW YORK With the next heat wave looming and temperatures expected to stay in the 90s this weekend, Con Edison is again emphasizing energy-saving steps to conserve. The company is reminding customers that using energy wisely saves money, reduces their carbon footprint, helps their neighbors, and helps the environment.
The company continues to urge New Yorkers to set air conditioner thermostats to 78 degrees, to turn off air conditioning when they are leaving rooms or leaving home, and also urges merchants not to blast A/C out of open storefronts.
Con Edison is continuing to emphasize the savings that come with using ENERGY STAR appliances. The company also will pick up your old, working second refrigerator and pay you for it. While there, (but only if we are picking up a working second refrigerator) Con Edison can also pick up your old window or wall air conditioners, and recycle them, too. Customers can receive $30 for a second refrigerator; $35 for a window air conditioner; and $100 for a wall air conditioner. Pick-up and recycling is free.
Refrigerators and air conditioners must be in working condition to qualify for recycling. Customers should provide clear and safe access to appliances for pick-up, and air conditioners must be removed from windows or wall installations. This program is available to Con Edison residential electric customers who live in one-to-four unit homes.
For more information, see to schedule a free appliance pick-up, call 1-877-870-6118.
Customers are urged to call Con Edison immediately to report any outages at 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633). Customers can also report power interruptions or service problems as well as view service restoration information online at and on their cell phones and PDAs. When reporting an outage, customers should have their Con Edison account number available, if possible, and report whether their neighbors also have lost power.
The company’s home page also provides a link to a list of 100 energy-saving tips. Visit us on the Web at, at our green site,, or find us on Facebook at Power of Green.

Other steps the company is recommending to stay cool and save money include:
·       Making sure air conditioner filters are clean for peak efficiency;
·       Operating appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers in the early morning or late at night, when it’s generally cooler. Another alternative: Using a microwave to cook, or a barbecue outside, if possible. Never barbecue indoors.
·       Accepting Con Edison’s offer of a free programmable thermostat if you have central air conditioning.  Program the thermostat manually or from the Internet. To learn more about Con Edison’s free programmable thermostat, call 1-866-521-8600 or visit

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