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July 23, 2019
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Storm Cleanup Assistance
Release Date: October 31, 2011

Cleanup Assistance:
Cleanup will be challenging as the public works crews are balancing leaf collection while planning to assist residents with storm cleanup. Highway crews are extending their work days and working on upcoming Saturdays to keep up with these collections as best as possible. Poor weather can also slow down collection time. As a result, the goal of a maximum of three weeks between leaf collections may not be possible during the peak collection period. Residents are asked to be patient with the collection of leaves and branches, and to please follow the procedures below which will make the program proceed more efficiently:
·         Please make every effort to tie up any smaller loose branches or limbs and place them in an open container for collection by the village’s contractor for normal Wednesday green waste pickup. Please note that there is NO GREEN WASTE pickup the week of November 7-11 due to the Veteran’s Day holiday. 
·         The highway department will assist with picking up limbs or branches of a manageable size (i.e. handled by hand by one person) that cannot reasonably be tied up or placed in a container. They will also pick up small logs (must be under 6” or less in diameter and under 4 feet in length). These items must be placed by the curb (not in the street) by Monday, November 7. After this date, normal green waste collection procedures apply.
·         Logs over 6” in diameter must be removed by the homeowner.
·         Please do not place any branches or limbs in the street.  They must be placed on the lawns. Branches in the street can block storm drains, and may affect leaf collection or snow plowing operations.
·         Please do not place branches or limbs in the leaf piles. They are collected by different equipment and will significantly slow down operations and could break leaf vacuum equipment.
Any questions about collection procedures should be directed to Public Works at (914) 939-0753.

Rye Brook:
Approximately 300-400 customers appear to be out of power as of Monday morning, October 31, 2011. The Police Department has reported major roadway problems to Con Edison including the following priority public safety areas:
            Oriole Place- blocked off by downed tree with wires & broken utility pole.
            Woodland Drive - blocked by wires and trees near Beechwood Rotary.
            Boxwood Place- wire on ground; not passable at Fairlawn Pkwy.
            Winding Wood Road - wire on ground
            Old Orchard at West Ridge - wire on ground  
Public works crews prepared on Friday for storm response. Additional police and fire crews were held over during the storm. In coordination with the police department, highway crews worked during the storm to salt, plow and remove fallen trees that were not in wires. Once wires are cleared by Con Edison from broken trees or limbs, highway crews will clean up these additional trees or limbs in the street or right-of-way.

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