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Police Chief Halloween Safety Letter
Release Date: October 27, 2011

Dear Parents:
The safety of our children is always a priority for the Village of Rye Brook.  The after hour gatherings of children in the parks have always been a concern for the members of the Rye Brook Police Department especially during Mischief Night and Halloween. No one wants to see a child get injured or be involved in mischief that may occur because of a wrong choice.
Therefore, I am asking that you remind your children that as always all village and town parks within the Village of Rye Brook will be closed at dusk. On Mischief Night and Halloween no one will be allowed to be in the parks after they have closed. On Mischief Night and Halloween, shaving cream, eggs and any other items that could be used for mischief will be confiscated by the police officers if found in the possession of anyone wandering in the streets.
I understand that Halloween is a time for fun, but this has to be balanced with the safety of all and the members of the Rye Brook Police Department will not condone any activities that create an unsafe environment in our parks or elsewhere.
Yours truly,
Gregory J. Austin
Chief of Police

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