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Storm Info from the Mayor
Release Date: March 13, 2017


Dear Rye Brook Resident:
With a winter storm approaching our region late tonight into tomorrow, I wanted to pass along some important information to you so that you can be prepared for this powerful storm.
A Blizzard Warning is in effect from late Monday night through late Tuesday night, with heaviest snow expected Tuesday morning/afternoon.  Accumulations of 2-4 inches per hour are expected with total accumulation expected to be from 12-18 inches.  Wind speeds will be 20-30 mph with gusts of 35-50 mph.  Due to the forecasted blizzard conditions, please note the following:

As always, we recommend that you prepare for the worst: keep flashlights and extra batteries at the ready, charge up your cell phones and laptops, and check in on elderly friends and neighbors.  

In the event of a power outage, call 1-800-75-CONED, or text "REG" to "OUTAGE" to make a report. You can also download the ConEd app on your iPhone or Android smartphone to easily report outages and check on estimated restoration times -- you will need to have your account number handy to register with the app, so be sure to have it on hand to get set up. You can also use these services to report downed wires, which should also be reported to the police department.
Thank you.
Paul Rosenberg
Mayor, Village of Rye Brook

Twitter: @paulrosenberg

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