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    Applications and Permits
          Administrative Exterior Building Permit Application
          Amendment to Approved Plans
          Blasting Permit
          Bulk Regulations in Residential Districts
          Certificate Of Occupancy / Certificate Of Compliance/Certificate Of Costs Application
          Certificate of Occupancy(Temporary) Application
          Demolition Permit Application
          Electrical Permit
          Exterior Building Permit Application
          Fence/Wall Permit Application
          Fire Suppression System-Sprinkler Application
          Fuel Tank Application
          Home Occupation Permit Application
          Home Occupation Renewal Application
          HVAC Installation and/or Removal Application
          Impervious Coverage Ratios Residential Districts
          Interior Building Permit Application
          Mechanical Equipment Application
          Operating Permit Application
          Permanent Standby Backup Generator
          Plumbing Permit Application
          Portable Storage Unit Application with Code Attachment
          Pyrotechnics/Fireworks Display Application
          Residential Lot Area Coverage
          Roof Permit Application
          Service/Clean Type I Hood and/or Exhaust Ductwork
          Sign Permit Application
          Site Development Permit Application
          Site Plan Application
          Solar Permit Application
          Special Permit Application
          Storm Water Management Application
          Subdivision Application
          Temporary Special Use Trailer/Truck Application
          Tent Application
          Wireless Tele-Com Permit Renewal Application
          Wireless/Attached Wireless Telecommunications Facility Special Permit Application
          Zoning Application
    Building Reports and Studies
          EPA Lead-Safe Certified

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