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December 16, 2017
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Parks and Recreation  
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    After School For Kids
Health & Registration Form
          After School For Kids Health & Registration Form
    Basketball Schedules
          2017 10th-11th Grade Boys Basketball Rosters
          2017 2nd 3rd Girls Basketball Rosters
          2017 2nd-3rd Boys Basketball Rosters
          2017 4th 5th boys basketball rosters
          2017 4th-5th Girls Basketball Rosters
          2017 6th 7th Boys Basketball Rosters
          2017 6th-7th Girls Basketball Rosters
          2017-18 2nd-3rd Boys and Girls FULL Schedule
          2017-18 4th-5th Boys and Girls FULL Schedule
          2017-18 6th-7th-Boys and Girls FULL Schedule
          2017-18 8th-11th Boys FULL Schedule
          8th 9th Boys Basketball Rosters for 2017
          Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy
          FAQ- Guide to Youth Basketball
Updated- 9/2/15
          Grievance Form- Blank
Use this form to file a grievance
          Memo from Superintendent- Zero Tolerance
          Rules 2nd-3rd Grade Leagues
          Rules 4th-7th Grade Leagues
          Zero Tolerance Policy
          Spring & Summer 2017 Programs
Recreation Department's Brochure for Spring and Summer Programs 2017.
          Fall 2017 Programs
Recreation Department's Brochure for Fall 2017 Programs.
          Winter 2016-2017 Programs
Recreation Department's Brochure for Winter 2017 Programs.
    Day Camp and Travel Camp
          2017 Travel Camp Trip Itinerary
          Bounce Waiver
          Brownstone Exploration Waiver
          Camp Health and Registration Form
2017 - Health and Registration Form
          Day Camp Parent Welcome Letter with perimission slip
          Grand Prix Waiver
          Mountain Valley Kayaking Waiver
          Travel Camp Parents Letter and Permission slip
          Teen Center Registration Form 2015
          Recreation - Fall 2017 Registration Form
Sign Up for Recreation Programs!
    King Street Athletic Fields
          Permit Application
          Procedure for Use of Rye Brook Athletic Field
    Little League Baseball
          2017 Major League Baseball Schedule
          2017 Major League Boys Baseball Rosters
          2017 Minor Leage Boys Rosters
          2017 Minor League Baseball Schedule
          2017 Rookie League Schedule
          2017 Rookie Rosters
          Approved Bat List
Bat must be on this list to be used in games.
          Concussions- Information
          Major League Boys Rules 2017
          Minor League Boys Rules 2017
          Rookie League Fields by number
    Little League Softball
          2017 Girls Minor League Softball Schedule
          2017 Minor League Girls Softball Rosters
          2017 Rookie League Rules
          Parental Code and Liability Waiver

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