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Special Needs Registry
Release Date: January 02, 2009

The Westchester County Department of Emergency Services is attempting to develop a "Special Needs Registry" for all citizens in the county who would need consideration during a major emergency or disaster.  Any county resident with a physical or mental disability who would have trouble leaving their home quickly if told to do so is eligible for inclusion on the list.  It is intended only for those living independently (not in nursing homes or supported living).  This county list will be shared with the local municipalities and emergency service providers.  As you know we have been attempting to do this for a long time.  Registration does not guarantee a resident assistance in evacuation and sheltering, but it does provide a critical database that will be used by both local municipalities and the County for emergency management planning activities. With this information, emergency services providers can better identify and respond to the needs of those on the list.

People interested in participating will be directed to register with the United Way's 211 call center or online at a Westchester County website.

Below is a link for a flyer describing the program -

Below is a link for the website with explanations of the program and instructions to register -


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