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New Sanitation Company
Release Date: June 09, 2009


Beginning June 1, 2009, AAA carting of Cortlandt Manor will be the new provider of sanitation services to The Village of Rye Brook. Village Staff along with AAA Carting have been communicating in order to provide as seamless a transition as possible.  During this transition the village anticipates a short but quick learning curve with the goal of minimal missed pickups.

Residents shall note that the 2009 Sanitation and Recycling Calendar is in full effect and has not been modified. Household garbage shall be placed out after 6:00 pm the night before your scheduled pickup, or by 6:00 am the day of your regularly scheduled pickup. The exact time of pickup may vary from that of the current sanitation provider, residents are urged to be patient, your material will be picked up.

The back page of your calendar provides guidelines to assist you with the proper disposal of waste material from your home and yard.  Regulations and guidelines for the proper disposal of household garbage, recyclables (not to be placed out in plastic bags), bulk trash items, and green waste (not to be placed out in plastic bags) from your yard are listed on the reverse of the calendars.  Please take a few moments to familiarize yourselves with this information..

Should the event of a missed or no pickup occur, residents should check their sanitation calendar and verify proper scheduling, check your garbage containers or recycle bins for yellow “Oops” Stickers which outline reasons for non-pickup of material. Construction debris will not be removed and is not part of material picked up under the Villages sanitation contract.

To report a missed or no pickup please call Village staff at (914) 939-0668 and provide your name, specific street address, phone number where you can be reached, type of trash and the time it was placed out. This information is crucial in providing a timely and efficient response.

The Village Department of Public Works has spare sanitation calendars and guidelines to assist our residents with most questions and problems relating to our sanitation program. Sanitation calendars are also online at the village’s website at 

Very truly yours,

Michal J. Nowak.

Acting Village Engineer

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