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Ridge Street Line Striping Sunday Evening
Release Date: July 09, 2010

Ridge St. Line Striping Starting Sunday Night (7/11):
The Westchester County Ridge Street reconstruction project is progressing well.  In order to minimize traffic and construction delays, and reduce the likelihood of vehicles travelling over wet paint, the village is permitting the county’s contractor to paint the line striping on Ridge Street this Sunday evening, July 11, beginning at 9:00 P.M.  This primarily includes painting the double-yellow lines and the crosswalks.  The contractor will start the line striping on Ridge Street near Meadowlark Road and work in a southerly direction. The contractor will continue throughout the night until the scheduled work is completed.   It is estimated that this work will take six (6) hours to complete.  While this line painting work is quieter than regular roadway construction work, it will involve traffic control, several larger vehicles, and a work crew.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as they complete this task overnight.  Although construction work is not normally allowed at this time, the goal is to complete the line striping in the most efficient and least disruptive manner.

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