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Be Wary of Unsolicited Services
Release Date: November 22, 2010

On November 19 in the hamlet of Thornwood in the Town of Mt. Pleasant, NY a burglary occurred where a white male 5’3” tall with dark hair rang the doorbell at the home of an elderly woman and told the woman that he was building a fence for her neighbor and that he needed to look at the property line to avoid any problems.  While the male kept the homeowner distracted an unknown number of accomplice(s) entered the home and ransacked the master bedroom stealing jewelry.  The person who came to the door left the area in a blue car.
The Rye Brook Police are asking that you be wary of strangers who come to your home offering unsolicited services on your property or claim to be working for your neighbor and need to access your home or property.  Always ask to see picture identification and please feel free to contact the Rye Brook Police Department at 914-937-1020 if you doubt the claims of any strangers who come to your door.  We will check the person out for you.
A similar incident occurred in the city of Rye on November 19 during the late afternoon where jewelry was taken and two people were involved in distracting the homeowner.

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