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Village Board Waives Sandy Related Fees
Release Date: May 23, 2013

The Village of Rye Brook Board of Trustees passed the following resolution to waive certain permit and applications fees in response to hurricane Sandy.  For further information please contact the Building Department at (914) 939-0668.

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees recognizes that many residents of the Village of Rye Book, including businesses located within the Village of Rye Brook, suffered significant hardship as a result of Hurricane Sandy; and
WHEREAS, certain restoration, clean-up and reconstruction work resulting from Hurricane Sandy is subject to the issuance of permits and approvals from the Village of Rye Brook; and
WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees wishes to defray the costs of restoration, clean-up and reconstruction by waiving the fees associated with the permits and approvals required for such work.
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that upon the conditions set forth herein, the Board of Trustees hereby amends the License and Permit Fee Schedule to waive the following fees in connection with restoration, clean-up and reconstruction work resulting from Hurricane Sandy:

  1. All Building Permit Fees
  2. All Certificate of Occupancy Fees
  3. All Demolition Permit Fees
  4. All Electrical Permit Fees
  5. All Plumbing Permit Fees
  6. All Fence & Wall Permit Fees
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the aforementioned fees shall be waived upon the following conditions:
  1. The applicant shall submit a sworn affidavit signed by the property owner(s) or contractor containing the following information:
    1. Name and address of property owner(s);
    2. Description of the work to be performed; and
    3. Verification that the work for which a permit is sought arose as a direct result of Hurricane Sandy.
  1. Applications for which a fee waiver is sought must be submitted within 1 year of Hurricane Sandy (i.e. on or before October 31, 2013).
  1. Any proposed work which is not a result of Hurricane Sandy shall be the subject of a separate permit application for which no fee waiver shall apply or shall be included with the scope of the same permit for which Hurricane Sandy-related work is sought with fees being separately calculated and apportioned such that no fees are paid for Hurricane Sandy-related work. For example, in the case of a Building Permit the cost of construction for work which is not a result of Hurricane Sandy shall be separately calculated and a fee paid thereon. 
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, applicants shall be entitled to a refund of permit and application fees paid prior to the adoption of this resolution which fees would otherwise have qualified for a waiver pursuant to the provisions herein.  To receive a refund, the applicant shall submit a sworn affidavit as described above no later than October 31, 2013 along with proof of the amount of fees paid. 

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