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King Street Athletic Fields Task Force
Release Date: October 29, 2004



                        October 29, 2004


Statement from Mayor Rand:


Lawrence A. Rand, Mayor of the Village of Rye Brook, announced the appointment of Rye Brook’s King Street Athletic Fields Task Force.  The members are James Spano, Joseph Askinasi, Toby Marrow, Edward Kulik, Theodore Musho, Kenneth Finder, and Christopher Bradbury.


He said “this project has been on the drawing boards for some time and now it looks as though we are moving into the actual planning, development, construction, funding and how the fields will be used.  Since we assume that some of the financing will be coming from the County, there are some requirements for us to make the facility available to the general public.  Without getting too far in front of ourselves, field usage is something we will have to consider.  The Board and I want the Task Force to provide the Village with advice, counsel and recommendations on a number of matters that we will delineate in the future.


He noted that the Arbors residents and the residents of the Blind Brook School District have approved the sale of school land to the Village.  Thus, for all intents and purposes, the Village now has acquired all the land needed to turn the former compost sire into playing fields.


According to the Mayor, the Board has instructed Christopher Bradbury to work with the Thomas Group in putting together more conceptual plans for the fields, including alternative schemes so that we can consider out options and see what can be done with the funds that may be available to us wither from monies we generate from the Village’s cash or from monies that will be coming from the public marker.  “Clearly, another important part of this equation will be how much money we receive from Westchester County under its Legacy Grant Program.  Again, like most Grants, this one has some strings attached, such as usage.  If the Grant is not substantial, we may choose to go it alone.  But, for the time being, we are pursuing the Legacy Grant route and hope to get a significant amount”, he said.


The Mayor insisted that within the next few weeks, we will convene a meeting of the Task Force, along with the Trustees in attendance, in order to provide the Task Force with several specific items for which we will seek their input.


The Task Force will be chaired by Joe Askinasi and Robert Harris is the Trustee liaison.  Christopher Bradbury is an ex officio member and Robert Bertolacci will serve as his alternate if Chris is unable to attend and of the sessions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at 914-939-1121, at extension 101.

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