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Aquatic Restoration - Rich Manor Park
Release Date: July 13, 2006


Westchester County has been heavily populated for two centuries. During this time, much of the county's natural resources, like streams, wetlands and forests, have been degraded or destroyed by human activities, especially from development and pollution.

Over the past six years, more than two dozen projects were finished or are being planned, designed or constructed.


East Branch Blind Brook (Rich Manor park, Rye Brook):

Eroding stream banks, an unsightly fence intended to keep geese off the lawn, and grass creeping to the edge of the brook used to greet visitors to Rich Manor Park. More...


East Branch Blind Brook Buffer (Rich Manor Park, Rye Brook):

To improve water quality in the stream and downstream Long Island Sound, the buffer along the west side of the stream has been restored and expanded. Project construction was completed in June 2006. More...

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