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Leaves - From Street to Garden
Release Date: February 15, 2005

DPW Truck Dear Residents:

You have all seen the Village’s yellow Department of Public Works trucks and staff collecting leaves this past fall.

Did you ever wonder how many leaves were collected and where they were dumped?

Well, the Village’s Public Works staff collected 12,030 cubic yards of leaves and they were dumped at the compost site on Lincoln Avenue via King Street.

That’s over 480 trips through the Village up to our dump site. The leaves are pushed into long windrows, piles approximately 15 feet tall and 200 feet long. The leaves biodegrade through the winter, and starting in the spring, the Village grinds the leaves to a fine mulch to aid in the natural decomposition. The piles are turned and mixed with our processed green waste and wood waste. After several months, this mixture becomes a rich compost perfect for those tomatoes.

compost siteThe Village Public Works has created a small compost storage bin outside of our facility for our residents to take the compost and re-use it in their garden and yard. You may take as much as you can carry in a small container. We do not permit commercial use of this material by landscapers. It is for our residents.

Victor G. Carosi, P.E.
Village Engineer/Director of Public Works

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