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Leaf Collection Update
Release Date: November 17, 2015

Dear Rye Brook Residents:

The Rye Brook Fall Leaf Program is moving forward at a steady pace as we are in our peak volume period working within a 3 week collection interval set for the Highway Department. Residents can track the daily leaf collection street by street and monitor Highway Department’s progress online.
Crews on November 14, 2015 began working weekends to stay ahead of piles and will be working Saturday, November 21, 2015, Friday November 27, 2015 and Saturday November 28, 2015.

With Thanksgiving nearing, crews will be working their designated routes and will not be re routed to perform “special pickups.”
Proper placement of leaf piles continues to be a concern and problem throughout the Village. Many piles continue to be placed fully onto the roadway and create unsafe obstacles for two way traffic and pedestrians. Leaves must be placed in a tight row, a maximum of 4 feet wide, along the center of the curb line.  Rows shall not extend further than 2 feet into any roadway. Placing leaves into the roadways creates an unsafe condition of those utilizing such roads. Wind rows increase pickup productivity and move equipment along quicker. Residents should notify their landscaper of such and comply as soon as possible with such request.

Residents shall also note that leaves are NOT to be blown or piled onto the center islands at cul-de-sacs. The leaf collection machines only collect leaves from one side, and they are not capable of switching sides. Placing leaves onto these islands means crews have to halt collection and rake leaves into the road where they can vacuum them resulting in less efficiency.
The Village’s Highway and Parks Department, thank you for your cooperation.
Michal J. Nowak
Superintendent of Public Works
Village Engineer

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