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Fire Services - Mayor's Update
Release Date: September 23, 2016

My fellow Rye Brook neighbors:
Here is an update regarding our fire services dispute with the Village of Port Chester. 
This past Tuesday evening, we (along with our attorneys) attended a mediation session with representatives from Port Chester with the goal of settling our differences (and corresponding litigation) regarding Port Chester’s breach of the fire services contract.
I think its fair to say that both Rye Brook and Port Chester’s elected representatives want to see this issue put behind us so that we can get to work on rebuilding trust and a healthier working relationship between the two villages.
The mediation helped to affirm that Port Chester should continue to be responsible for Rye Brook’s cost of staffing the Rye Brook firehouse with at least one firefighter during the 7PM-7AM overnight hours, as well as the related equipment/outfitting cost(s) associated with the hiring of the two new Rye Brook firefighters (who are former Port Chester career firefighters) currently staffing the overnight shift in the Rye Brook firehouse.  
Unfortunately, other items had to be deferred including Port Chester’s potential liability if it is determined that additional staffing is required  during the overnight shift in the Rye Brook firehouse.    
Next week, our Board of Trustees will meet to review the progress made in mediation.
The goal of the mediation was to avoid continuing the litigation which we began when Port Chester breached the fire services contract.  We are hopeful we can continue the progress made on Tuesday night.  Over the course of the next few months it will become more apparent whether we will be able to resolve this matter through mediation rather than having to continue with the litigation.
On a personal note, I know that the Rye Brook Career Firefighters did not ask to be put in this situation and I thank them for their service.  I also want to thank the Port Chester Volunteer Firefighters for their continued response to Rye Brook fire alarms.
I will keep you posted as events warrant. 

Paul S. Rosenberg
Mayor, Village of Rye Brook

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