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When is a Building Permit required?
Release Date: February 13, 2006

QUESTION: When is a Building Permit required?


Dear Residents, Property & Business Owners:


Recently, the Building Department has uncovered an unusually high number of interior & exterior alteration / renovation projects underway throughout our residential & commercial community, without the required permits.


Our Building, Electrical, Plumbing & Heating Permit procedure and subsequent inspection process is in place to help secure the continued safe occupancy of your home or office. The primary goal of the Building Department is to protect the homes, neighborhoods and infrastructure of the Village from hazards associated with fire, personal injury or structural collapse. Among the contributing factors are poor workmanship, unqualified, unlicensed & uninsured contractors, improper materials & construction techniques, faulty electrical & plumbing installations, improper installation of fuel-burning heating equipment, inadequate ventilation and outdated, inadequate or the absence of fire protection & smoke / carbon monoxide detection systems.


Once a permit has been issued, our staff of New York State Certified Inspectors insures that all work conforms to the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code, the National Electric Code, and the Code of the Village of Rye Brook.


Proceeding with work without the required permit will result in a legalization fee of $900.00, and additional fees or fines may be imposed. Please avoid this by contacting the Building Department at (914) 939-0668 and inquire as to which permits may be required before committing to any home or office improvement project. Do not rely upon the advice of a contractor, friend, relative, neighbor, real estate agent or anyone else for this information, as they may not be aware of all Local, County & State Building & Fire Prevention Regulations. 


Thank you for your attention, continued cooperation & help in keeping Rye Brook a safe community for all who live here, work here and visit here to enjoy all Rye Brook has to offer.


Michael J. Izzo

Building & Fire Inspector

Village of Rye Brook, NY

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