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2000 - Vision Plan
Release Date: September 26, 2006

In early 1999, a number of concerned Village of Rye Brook citizens recognized the need for a master planning process. Our Village had grown substantially since its founding nearly two decades prior and no comprehensive “road map” existed in which to manage our burgeoning community. After two “Town Meetings” organized by the Mayor and Trustees to address such a void, it became apparent that a master planning process was necessary and appropriate.

The Board of Trustees entrusted the Rye Brook Planning Board with the responsibility of figuring out such a planning process. A Task Force of the Planning Board, comprised of Paul Feinstein, John Grzan, Harry Krausman and myself, Richard Lubkin, was formed to explore planning methodologies. At the end of 1999, the Task Force suggested a “Vision Plan” process. We decided that a “Master Plan,” primarily dealing with land use issues, was unnecessary. The Village was substantially developed. The residents and resident businesses were more concerned with “Quality of Life.”

Thus, a “Vision Plan” was born. The original Planning Board Task Force evolved into a separate special purpose commission of the Village comprised, not coincidentally, of the same four individuals as the exploratory group. We attempted to understand the determinants affecting our community, prioritize our concerns, and propose solutions to make our Village a better place in which to live and work. To view the report please click here.

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