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Proposed Changes to Tree Code Section 235
Release Date: February 09, 2007

The Village of Rye Brook Advisory Council on Environmental Conservation is currently in the process of reviewing and recommending possible changes to Code Section 235 “TREES.”

Members of the Public are strongly urged and encouraged to attend this Scheduled Meeting of The Advisory Council on Environmental Conservation’s meeting on tree code revisions. Resident input is a valuable resource to all of us.

Proposed Code Changes:

  • New proposal to require trees 8" in diameter and greater to be permitted for removal. Currently trees 12” in diameter and greater require permitting
  • Removal of Protected Tree section.
  • Addition of tree removal permit term to 60 days, Renewable at the approval authorities discretion (possible renewal fee).
  • Addition and expansion of definition section
  • Addition of section outlining spacing for newly planted street trees
  • Establishing distances of planting street trees with relations to curbs, sidewalks, and hydrants
  • Addition of a section restricting height of trees to be planted under utility power lines
  • Better defining Approval Authority
  • Addition of a Responsibility of Property Owner section.
  • Proposing Tree topping as a unlawful practice and imposing a penalty
  • Any appeal of the Approval Authority shall be made in writing and be accompanied with a bond to retain a certified arborist prior to appearing before The Advisory Council on Environmental Conservation
  • Fines and Penalties shall be increased from minimum $250 to $450 for trees removed without a permit


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