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Arbor Day Ceremony
Release Date: April 27, 2007

Arbor day is America’s National Tree holiday.  It started in Nebraska in the 1870’s.

J. Sterling Morton, a pioneer who moved into the Nebraska territory, became the editor of Nebraska’s first newspaper, and advocated tree plantings from individuals and civic organizations.


Since 1970, Arbor Day is usually celebrated nationally on the last Friday in April.          


Arbor Day is a time to plant trees, and recognize their importance to improve our quality of life- provide habitat for wildlife, produce products we all use, provide clean air and water for all of us.


Rye Brook:


·        Proud to be designated as a Tree City USA (12th Year).

·        One of 99 municipalities in NYS, including 22 in Westchester County, to have this designation.


Ø      In 2003 on Arbor Day, 3 Beechwood Trees were planted in Beechwood Circle.

Ø      In 2004 on Arbor Day, 2 Kousa Dogwoods and 1 Weeping Cherry were planted in Hills Point Lane circle.

Ø      In 2005 on Arbor Day, a Purpleleaf Plum Tree was planted in Garibaldi Park.

Ø      In 2006 on Arbor Day, a Weeping Cherry was planted at the Rye Brook Firehouse.

Ø      Today, a Purpleleaf Plum Tree is being planted in Rye Hills Park.


About the Purpleleaf Plum Tree:

The Purpleleaf Plum Tree can grow up to 25 feet, with leaves 1.5 to 3 inches in size and deep purple in color.  This tree blooms in the spring, with beautiful pink and white flowers.  It can also provide an important cover and habitat for many bird species, who like to eat its small, round fruit.  The Purpleleaf Plum’s parent plant was discovered sometime before 1880 by the gardener to the Shah of Persia and is now a very popular ornamental tree in the United States.

To view pictures of the cermony please click the photo journal.

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