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What happened to Country Ridge Drive North?
Release Date: February 15, 2008

Effective on February 15, 2008, the street signs on Country Ridge Drive will no longer indicate “North”.  For years, this street has caused much confusion for emergency services and other vehicle drivers in the area who were unsure which homes were “North” and which ones were simply on Country Ridge Drive.  Officially, only four (4) properties were designated as “North”, although several other homeowners have added “North” to their address over time.  Unfortunately, the four (4) properties with the “North” designation shared the same property numbers with four (4) other homes on the same street.  This increased the potential for problems for emergency service providers who are trying to locate a house.

The Village met with the involved residents to discuss this matter, and the decision was made to change the property numbers of twelve (12) homes so that the numbers in the area are consecutive and there would be no duplicates.  As a result, there was no longer a need for the designation Country Ridge Drive North as the four (4) homes with this official address were renumbered within Country Ridge Drive.  As a result, as of February 15, 2008, there will be no properties officially with the name Country Ridge Drive North so the sign, and much of the confusion, will have been removed.  Residents who have unofficially used the name Country Ridge Drive North should be aware of this change as well and should instead use the official name Country Ridge Drive for their property address.

Most importantly, with these changes and the posting of street numbers so they are clearly visible, emergency service providers (and others) will have an easier time locating homes on Country Ridge Drive.

Any Questions?  Please contact (914) 939-1121x100 for additional information. 

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