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August 21, 2019
1:29 AM

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Building Permit Amnesty Program  
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Apply Now to Avoid a Penalty Later

The Village Board of Trustees is pleased to provide our residents a Building Permit Amnesty Program that will remain in effect until May 31, 2013.  This Amnesty Program waves the Administrative Fine for work completed without the proper permits, and in most cases also waives the need to go to the Board of Architectural Review. The Administrative Fine that is being waived is 12% of the current day construction costs with a minimum fee of $500 and a maximum fee of $3,500. 

Please view the Building Permit Amnesty Program Local Law here.

The primary goal of this Amnesty Program is to ensure the safety of all citizens through inspections, while permitting homeowners to receive all proper permits.    This is especially important when a resident needs to  sell or refinance their homes and they find there is an open building permit or no certificate of occupancy on their home.

The following are a few examples of projects that likely required  permits and certificates of occupancies, but may have never been obtained:

·        Additions
·        Interior or Exterior Alterations
·        Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling
·        Decks or Patios
·        Any Electrical or Plumbing Work
·        Fence Repairs and Replacements
·        Furnace / Hot Water Heater Replacement
·        Older homes that have never done any work but do not have a Certificate of Occupancy
·        Driveway expansions

These examples  represent only a few of the many projects that need permits.

Please contact the Building Department at (914) 939-0668 and inquire as to which permits may have been required for possible Amnesty Program projects completed, or may be required for any future home or office improvement project.

The primary goal of the Building Department is to help protect the citizens, homes, neighborhoods and infrastructure of the Village from the hazards associated with fire, overcrowding, improper construction techniques or structural collapse. Through the permit and inspection process, our staff of New York State Certified Inspectors will make certain you receive a high standard of workmanship; a qualified, licensed and insured contractor; proper material and construction techniques; proper electrical and plumbing installations; adequate light and ventilation; and a properly updated fire protection and smoke/carbon monoxide detection systems. 

In order to qualify for the Amnesty Program, the Building Department will be taking building and other permits for all past work and work in progress at the time the Amnesty Program was enacted.  Applicants have until May 31, 2013 to submit applications under Amnesty Program Local Law.  Please note that all other fees, permits, and costs associated with the issuance of a building or other permits shall remain in effect during the Amnesty Period.  The Amnesty Program is an excellent opportunity to save you money, make your home safer, and receive all of the proper approvals now rather than when time may be of the essence.


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