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August 23, 2019
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Ridget Street Reconstruction Project
Web Update: April 16, 2010

Ridge Street Traffic Advisory 

Beginning Monday April 19, 2010 Westchester County will begin reconstruction of the North Ridge Street corridor. The area of construction stretches from Meadowlark Road (Northern limit of construction) and will continue south to High Street (Southern limit of construction).
The scope of this project includes providing additional storm water drainage improvements, traffic signal improvements, installation of new concrete curbing and concrete sidewalks, milling and resurfacing of existing asphalt road surfaces. The project is expected to take several months with a target end date of November 25, 2010.
During the course of construction North Ridge Street will be limited to ONE lane of travel and traffic flow will be impacted. Flagmen will be provided and stationed to maintain vehicular traffic flow. Residents are encourages to seek alternate travel routes to avoid delays. Driveway access may be temporarily restricted and traffic halted intermittently for short periods of time as improvements are being performed, but every effort will be made to allow reentry within a reasonable amount of time into driveways.
The work will be inspected and supervised by a Westchester County inspector. The Westchester County contact person for this project during REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS ONLY will be Mr. John Marafioti (914) 424 – 0335.
The plans illustrating the project are available at Village Hall and can be viewed by the public during the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm. If residents have any questions or concerns during construction please feel free to contact the Rye brook Engineering / Public Works Department at 914-939-0753.
Michal J. Nowak
Acting Village Engineer /
Director of Public Works

Ridge Street reconstruciton schedule

March 16, 2010:
County has accepted a bid for a contractor to complete the Ridge Street reconstruction project.  ELQ Construction was awarded the county bid and the official start date for the project is March 31, 2010.  This county project is expected to last a total of eight (8) months.  The project includes milling and paving of Ridge Street from the Hutchinson River Parkway to High Street.  It also includes additional drainage, concrete curbing, signal improvements, and concrete sidewalks where there are currently asphalt sidewalks in this area of work.  Due to field conditions and property lines, Ridge Street near the Betsy Brown intersection will be shifted up to four (4) feet to the west, resulting in a new retaining wall on the northwest side of this intersection (max. wall height of four feet).
The Village has reviewed and commented on the construction documents and attended the pre-construction and field meetings with the county and contractor.  Under the terms of an existing Inter-municipal Agreement (IMA) involving legacy grant funds for the Rye Brook Athletic Fields at King Street, once the project is completed Rye Brook will take ownership of Ridge Street from King Street to Westchester Avenue.  This grant also included the county’s funding of the improvements to Ridge Street mentioned earlier as a condition prior to the village takeover of this roadway.  Under the same IMA, Rye Brook already owns the part of Anderson Hill Road within the Rye Brook boundaries.
In an effort to keep the public informed of the progress on this project, mailings were sent to all Ridge Street residents inviting them to a public meeting in March 2010 with representatives of the county and the village to further describe the project and the timetable.  A previous public meeting sponsored by Westchester County was held approximately two years ago where input was received from residents.  Staff is also available to meet with residents to explain the project, review the plans, and to discuss any concerns.
Overall, work must occur between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. unless prior approval is received from Rye Brook.  Westchester County will have a full-time inspector on the job site.  Rye Brook’s Acting Engineer will also be in close contact with Westchester County.  Both flag people and Rye Brook police may be directing traffic at different times during the project.  At least one lane of traffic will continue to be maintained.  Residents will be provided notices indicating when the contractor will be working in the vicinity of their property if interruptions are to occur (i.e. work in street in front of driveways).  While there will be temporary interruptions, residents will have access to their driveways and properties by the end of each day.  Construction schedules will be placed on the Rye Brook web site as they are received form the county.
Westchester County prefers that all inquiries from Rye Brook residents and staff be sent to them directly. The contact for this project is:
John Marifioti, P.E.
Westchester County Department of Public Works
148 Martine Ave
White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 424-0335 (regular business hours only)
If you have any difficulties reaching the county, residents may also contact Michal Nowak, Rye Brook’s Acting Engineer at 939-0753 or
Thank you,
Christopher J. Bradbury
Village Administrator

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