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The first week of June has posed numerous challenges to the Village's new sanitation company, AAA Carting. In their first week AAA Carting has experienced heavier then normal volume of material, becoming familiar with the Villages geographic boundaries with Port Chester and Greenwich and finally becoming familiar with conditions specific to each residence in the Village such as exact location of sanitation receptacles. AAA Carting has been working late into the evening to complete their routes, pick up missed collection stops and similar. Missed collection calls do continue to occur, but they are declining.


Village Staff continue to process resident concerns such as missed collections, recycling questions, and no pickups. Your patience and politeness are appreciated when calling in, please do continue to call Public Works at 914-939-0668 and provide your name, specific street address, phone number where you can be reached, type of trash and the time it was placed out.


Should you have received an “OOPS! Sticker” on your material, please do refer to your sanitation calendar explaining possible reasons for stickering, should you need further information please do contact Village staff at 914-939-0668.


Residents should note the following information:


·        Recyclables are NOT to be placed out in plastic bags (Westchester County Protocol)

·        Green waste is NOT to be placed out in plastic bags (Westchester County Protocol)

·        Care should be taken leaving items that may be construed as garbage next to your sanitation receptacles.

·        Actual times of collection will vary from the past provider. Please do place trash out prior to or by 6:00 AM the day of collection.

·        Missed collection calls will be collected by the end of the day by AAA Carting.

·        Televisions and Computer Monitors are not collected by the Sanitation company, such items shall be disposed of properly or by dropping them off at The City of Rye, Disbrow Park Recycling Center 914-967-7464.

Very truly yours,

Michal J. Nowak.

Acting Village Engineer

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