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Dear Rye Brook Residents: 

Spring has returned for 2010 and has brought with it wonderful blossoming of trees, plants and flowers. With the graces of warmer weather and sunshine, the detention basin project continues to approach completion.
To date many of the infrastructure additions and alterations have been completed. The rock excavation has been completed and the visible rock ledge and outcroppings have been cleaned off to show their rich geological features. The outlet dam structure is completed and an access road to such dam is currently being installed. The slopes of the banks have been graded within their tolerances and are being prepped for landscaping and stabilization. The landscaping phase shall begin shortly once the slopes are stabilized and prepped. The heavy excavation is coming to an end, and only a few more days of hauling away material are expected. Perimeter safety fencing is currently being installed and is days away from completion. As the basin work continues towards completion, the site currently is retaining water and is slowly becoming an intermittent home to local and migratory birds.
With favorable weather in the near forecasts, and in consultation with the contractor, the substantial estimated completion of this project should remain late May. Site cleanup, additional restoration, and final inspections will follow completion of the project.

The plans illustrating the project are available at Village Hall and can be viewed by the public during the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. If residents have any questions or concerns during construction please feel free to contact the Rye brook Engineering / Public Works Department at 914-939-0753.

Michal J. Nowak
Acting Village Engineer
Project Timeline

March 9, 2010
Project schedule has been revised and is located here.

January 20, 2010
Pictures of construction have been posted here

January 6, 2010
Construction continues with revised timeline

November 16, 2009

Construction starts and timeline announced

September 22, 2009
Village Board approves construction

Project supporting documentation and history.

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