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The Police force consists of twenty-eight officers and one support staff position. In addition to its regular duties, the force administers crime prevention programs for residents, schools and senior citizens, providing instruction about preventative measures that can be taken for the essential safety of the community. D.A.R.E. is among one of the crime prevention programs.

Chief Gregory J. Austin
Village of Rye Brook Police Department
Phone: (914) 937-1020


The Mission of the Village of Rye Brook Police Department including the duties and responsibilities of all of its members is as follows:

1.  To protect life and property;
2.  To prevent crime;
3.  To detect and arrest offenders;
4.  To preserve the public peace; and
5.  To enforce all laws and ordinances over which the Police Department has jurisdiction.

As with all modern police agencies, this department's duties and responsibilities do not end with the traditional law enforcement role. All members must be aware of the steadily increasing service role that this department is expected to perform within the community.  As such, it shall be the duty of all members of the Village of Rye Brook Police Department to perform such tasks assigned to the police department by the governing officials of the Village of Rye Brook, through the Chief of Police, as is consistent with law.

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